Mail Extractor Max

For how many years users have struggled to transfer/migrate data from Apple Mail to other clients like Mac Outlook, Thunderbird, Postbox, and others. It’s always been tedious and time-consuming, if not a total disaster and a nightmare.

Now with a distinguished solution from USL Software comes the efficient Mac Mail data converter that simplifies the task and offers you the best approach for your data to be transferred to other clients.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Max,” and the amount of work gone into making it the truly one and only professional solution is evident right from the start.

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Through a smart interface, compelling processing logic, and all other tricks that USL Software has gained a solid grasp on as a result of years of experience in this domain – the tool is ready to give you an upper hand during the Apple Mail to RGE, MBOX, and EML conversion. It features an unrivaled support and algorithms for a safe and quick data conversion, which is always an otherwise demanding process.

  • Round the clock, quick to respond, and friendly tech support
  • Complete solution for conversion of all data elements without exceptions
  • Full Satisfaction Guaranteed
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What does “Mail Extractor Max” actually do?

It’s a tool that converts data from Apple Mail to various other formats for other email clients that are not compatible with Apple Mail files and cannot import them.

But what does that eventually accomplish and what email migration is all about? Let’s talk about some of the basics of the task.

Email clients are quite advanced nowadays and offer productive ways to manage email data, including contacts and calendar. But there’s often one missing link with them and that is migrating data when one changes his or her email client. Same problem is with Apple Mail. Apple Mail uses EMLX files to store email messages (it doesn’t use the standard MBOX files). So, when you move to Thunderbird or Mac Outlook or other clients, you cannot move the data with a straightforward import/export or copy/pasting the files.

That’s where you need to have a third-party solution to convert the files.

Most converters require users to load EMLX or MBOX files to convert Apple Mail to other formats. This unnecessary adds an extra step in the conversion process, but that’s how it has been done for years. With ‘Mail Extractor Max,’ you get to auto-load Apple Mail database directly from the identity/profile. You don’t need to manually look for EMLX files or look for ways to archive data into standard MBOX files.

Features and Functionalities of “Mail Extractor Max”

“Mail Extractor Max” is built from the scratch. The developers abandoned all the old ways of migrating and converting files, and instead came up with advanced method of data processing that delivers the most accurate results that no other conversion utility can. It also features controls and options that makes the task more personalized, allowing users to specify how the files are converted.

Let’s take a look at them now:

Auto-load Primary Folder or Backup Folder

As said above, “Mail Extractor Max” has an exclusive feature to autoload the identity database folder of apple mail instead of converting from raw files like EMLX or MBOX. But more than that, it also gives you additional option if you want to convert a backup database folder instead of the main, primary one.

Multiple Output Options

You can convert Apple Mail to various other formats, making it a full utility for all your Apple Mail conversion needs, and not just a simple file converter, which is what many other email migration utilities are.

Preserve all the Details

Converting everything from Apple Mail to destination format is the main objective of any such tool. And “Mail Extractor Max” fulfills that perfectly. It has specially designated logic for complex elements that ensures that the data is converted without missing important details of your database. For instance, it also converts all the images, email attachments, metadata, headers, nested emails, and other such components.

Copies Folder Hierarchy

During the conversion, it takes special care for copying the folder hierarchy correctly from Apple Mail to the chosen output format. Most ordinary solutions fail to keep the folder hierarchy untouched and can fragment your painstakingly arranged categories of folders (and subfolders). Not “Mail Extractor Max.” You get output files with the same structure and architecture as original.

Handles Tricky Languages Perfectly

There are certain languages that use complex standards to encode the text. Most common example is Chinese (and other languages that uses similar characters – Japanese, Korean, etc.). It uses double-byte characters that can harder to process during email migration. “Mail Extractor Max” has well-grounded ways to pick on these characters and convert them cleanly and unequivocally, in such a way that you will never find any missing text.

Speed Without the Expense of Stability

“Mail Extractor Max” runs incredible fast during all of its operations, including installation of the tool itself, loading the database, and the actual data extraction. This is achieved without the expense of stability or trading off with other qualities like the accuracy in terms of data integrity.

Intuitive and Natural UI

To a beginners’ eye, this process at first looks daunting, and it is, by all other modes of migration. But “Mail Extractor Max” has simplified the process drastically through its creative interface, which makes the process intuitive for even the most basic user. By following its clear-cut instructions and the step-by-step graphical screens, you can convert the files without efforts. All the advanced options are natural to implement at appropriate stages.

Convert Apple Mail to RGE, MBOX, and EML files For Free!

Before trying out the full version through its cost-effective and flexible licenses (pricing packages), do you want to convert your data for free?

Well, you can!

Download the setup below, install, and start using it straightaway. You don’t even need to provide any information to get the installer file. It’s the instant-download link that gets you the chance to explore all the features and its interface freely.

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The trial mode gives access to the full set of features and converts up to ten items within each folder, making it a perfect way to evaluate its way of working directly.

You can also always rely upon the 24×7 customer support for any of your queries or any problem you might face during the conversion.

USL Software also rolls out updates whenever required, which will always be lifetime free. Never pay anything for the enhanced updated versions of the tool.