Mail Extractor Pro

“Mail Extractor Pro” – The Sole Email Migration Utility to Meticulously Convert Mac Mail Database Directly to PST Files Without Partial Results!

“Mail Extractor Pro” is one of the special products from USL Software that heavily contrasts from other Apple Mail to PST converters. Its dedicated algorithms used for data extraction and smart interface makes it the best tool for converting Mac Mail data to Outlook PST files. More than that, it also offers MBOX, Thunderbird, and Postbox to PST conversion for those who need it.

It converts the following data files and databases (directly) to PST files:

  1. Apple Mail
  2. Thunderbird
  3. Postbox
  4. MBOX files

USL Software always backs up all the software applications with the following benefits and additional services, including “Mail Extractor Pro.”

  • Full tech support throughout day and night
  • Guarantee for full satisfaction
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% conversion guarantee of all elements inside the files/databases you want to convert

What makes “Mail Extractor Pro” an Unparalleled tool for this job!

“Mail Extractor Pro” is unlike any other email migration utility for Mac. Here are the top reasons how and why it separates itself from the rest.

  • Unlike other Apple Mail to PST converters, it doesn’t need MBOX files. You can autoload the identity folder and it will extract all the contents from the folder directly!
  • It has automated much of the unnecessary steps that users otherwise need to perform manually, resulting in a lot
  • All essential features and options are offered to users to customize the output (PST files) as per their needs. This adds flexibility and control to a job that’s can be too tedious and rigid by any other method.
  • The support team finally offers the last missing point with all other solutions, that is quite priceless for beginners and non-experienced users, even though the interface of the tool is the friendliest.

Now, we’ll take a look at all of its specific features, how it converts data, how accurately, and what are all other additional options:

The Distinct Features of “Mail Extractor Pro” that make it what it is!

It’s no wonder why “Mail Extractor Pro” is the most recommended solution for converting the data from most used Mac based email clients to PST files for Windows Outlook. The section below will make it even clearer.

Here are all the features explained in detail:

Most-used Mac based email clients supported

Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox are the most used email clients in Mac OS X. “Mail Extractor Pro” converts all of them to PST files, along with the MBOX to PST conversion support as well. So, it’s all-in-one conversion utility that a large majority of Mac OS users can use without resorting to multiple utilities.

Auto-load Conversion

Most converters require users to manually search and load MBOX files if they have data in Mac Mail or Thunderbird. MBOX to PST conversion is almost the de-facto standard approach for email migration of this category. However, it’s not the most effective. And “Mail Extractor Pro” changes that for good. It can automatically load the identity database folder directly instead of asking users to load MBOX files. This eliminates dozens of potential errors (human and software), reduces amount of time required, and substantially increase the accuracy of output.

Converts Databases Along with the folder hierarchy

“Mail Extractor Pro” converts your emails and other items from Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, or MBOX files to PST while keeping the folders in their original location and hierarchy. Unlike other tools that can mess up the structure of folders making it too painful to later arrange or find your emails in Outlook.

Converts text in all languages

USL Software implemented dedicated framework to handle complex text characters, usually in languages that use double-byte (DBCS) encoding standards. It also includes the support for UTF-8 and Unicode. If you have emails in languages other than English, do not worry; the tool gets the entire body of contents converted cleanly.

Convert Essentially Everything

Along with folder hierarchy and non-English text, email clients contain a lot more information. Some of it can be complicated for simple tools to extract. But “Mail Extractor Pro” is built with excellent framework of logic and algorithms that deliver accurate output without any data integrity loss. It will convert all the images, data headers, metadata, nested emails, and email attachments without changing a thing.

Control output PST file size

If you have a large MBOX file or a large database folder in Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or Postbox, you can control the output size of PST files. This allows users to have multiple PST files but small in size, making it easier to later import them to Windows Outlook. The tool creates additional PST files during conversion as soon as the limit you manually set is reached.

Fast Without the Crash

Time-consumption to complete a task is often a huge factor in determining effectiveness of email migration tools; if it’s not it should be. “Mail Extractor Pro” runs quick and powerful algorithms that enables it to convert data quickly without impacting its performance, without crashing or lagging, and without any other trade-offs.

“Mail Extractor Pro” – Support, Free Trial, Flexible Pricing, and More!

USL Software services and software are much more than just a downloadable file. They always have the best support 24×7 to backup their already easy to use and excellent solutions for email migration. The support is friendly, comprised of experts on email migration, and they are always quick to respond. It truly brings relief and comfort at certain times, often to non-experienced users who face a minor but annoying setback, or to anyone who might have queries relating to their data migration tasks.

Just like every other tool from USL Software, this also comes with a free trial version. You can download it now and get started with the trial mode in few minutes. It works on ten items per folder, but doesn’t lock any other feature for you to try out. It’s the best way to see how it all works, how’s the interface, and how it operates on your machine with your databases.

When you checked it out, you can choose from one of the licenses that is packaged according to varying needs of all kinds of users. You pay exactly for what you want. The pricing packages are flexible, making it affordable for both large-scale projects and basic home users.

Finally, USL Software also updates the tool as per requirements, maintaining its performance over time with the ever-changing email clients and data files. The good news is that you never have to pay a single dime to get these updates. They are and will always be free for lifetime.

“Mail Extractor Pro” drastically changes the data migration regarding Mac Mail clients to PST format. It features essentially all the options and controls that you need to make the job flexible. It features a simple UI that even a non-experienced user can interact with. It is equipped with modern and dedicated algorithms that deliver precise results with zero data integrity loss.