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OST to PST conversion for your business

There are many aspects companies have to take care of to be successful in this competitive world. From investment, good clientele relations, good workforce to public image, everything needs to be perfect. However, companies under estimate the importance of database and that’s where it suffers the most.

This is an information era. Never before has so much information traveled from one place to another at such speed. Because of various highly competent email clients, even companies luxuriously circulate data and communicate at high speeds. But companies forget to take care of their database, and when disaster struck, they have no idea what to do.

This article deals with the most prominent email client used by every business – Outlook. Outlook has many benefits to offer all of which are made available to you by one process OST to PST syncing. OST is the offline storage table of Outlook. It has revolutionized the way inter-office communication takes place. It helps in accessing database at earliest convenience. PST on the other hand, is personal storage table. This format works with Outlook.

To avail the benefit of mail communication online and offline, OST to PST syncing takes place. MS Exchange server does the task. But When, MS Exchange server is not there to help companies in this task, , then OST files are converted to PST format. This is where OST to PST Conversion process enters.

OST to PST Conversion – the answer to every Outlook problem

OST to PST Conversion solves many Outlook problems. When Exchange server crashes or is down for maintenance, you convert OST to PST. When you lose OST files or they get corrupt or damaged, to make them work with Outlook, you convert them to PST format.

This is the only way you can import OST in Outlook, and continue your work. But the process should not be done manually. Many a times, IT sector professionals have taken the task of converting OST files to PST themselves to please their bosses. To their dismay, their companies lost more data in the process, and they jeopardized their careers.

This is a very risky task and should never be done manually. This article has been written to inform you that a suitable tool compatible with functioning of big businesses has arrived. This tool will solve your company’s problem in no time at all. This tool is OST Extractor Pro.


OST Extractor Pro by USL software has been a groundbreaking tool for OST to PST Conversion process. It has made the process easy for laymen and professionals alike.

ost to pst conversion

The tool comes with a self-explanatory user interface which allows the process to unravel in a smooth and simple way. No training is required to convert OST files to PST with OST Extractor Pro. This tool is highly suitable for businesses which can have unprecedented amount of database. You can convert this database to PST format easily in no time at all. OST Extractor Pro employs batch strategy to efficiently execute its task.

ost to pst conversion tool

Get it for OST to PST Conversion

The best part is that OST Extractor Pro comes with a demo version. To verify this tool for your company, download it right now at! OST Extractor Pro will make your company’s OST to PST Conversion process a delight.

Convert EMLX to EML for Windows Live Mail

Looking to convert EMLX to EML for Windows Live Mail to get your Mac Mail data into a backup file using a generic EML format? You are looking at this the wrong way. Here’s what you should do instead!

Convert EMLX to EML for Windows Live Mail

The major reason to convert EMLX to EML is either to backup Apple Mail data into a generic file that can be used later to restore data in any email client or program because EML is compatible with most. Or to simply migrate data to clients like Windows Live Mail.

If that’s your goal, you have come to the right place. But you are looking at this the wrong way.

Let me explain:

Most email migration processes involve data files, like EMLX, EML, MBOX, or any other. It’s a conventional way to transfer data from one place to the other. There are other ways to, especially regarding email data (like using an email account as an intermediate to sync data using servers), that do not involve manually getting your hands dirty with raw files inside the profile database directories. But all of them are intimidating for a basic user.

But today we are going to let you in on a secret. If you want to get your Apple Mail data into EML files, forget about EMLX files. EMLX is a file that Mac Mail uses to store email messages, one file for each email. But it’s function is more to let you access emails quickly and make your index searching faster. Using those same files to migrate data or convert to other formats isn’t ideal, even though commonly accepted.

Converting EMLX to EML files is not how experienced users or experts move their Apple Mail data. What they actually do is use a professional software utility to directly target their profile database automatically, instead of manually digging their heels into it.

There are few obvious benefits of that: it is much easier and quicker. But a large portion of those experts specifically target this approach because of the significant improvement in data precision. In fact, if a software solution is well-developed, it’s the only way you are going to get 100% data precision.

It is natural that if you are going to use a software to convert your database directly and not trade files with hands one by one, your accuracy of the output files with skyrocket.

But the problem here comes which converter can do that, and if its’ accessible to common users, if its affordable, and so on.

Way to Convert EMLX to EML

Good news: USL Software brings to you exactly such a solution. You can download it right now and use it like any other application, thanks to its smart UI that is purely intuitive and straightforward. It has two options to “load” your data: you can either select autoload that gets your Apple Mail primary profile folder or you can choose to select any backup database folder you may want to convert. Neither of those options require manually loading EMLX or any such files.

What you get in the end is the fastest Apple Mail to EML conversion with 100% precision, where all your complex data parts, like images, attachments, Unicode text, metadata, MIME headers, and nested emails are perfectly converted, without losing the details.

You cannot get the same level of precision by converting EMLX to EML. Most of the converters for that solution are heavily flawed, not just making it hard for you to convert the files, but even after spending hours on end, they don’t offer the standard of accuracy that’s acceptable.

All of that is avoidable, if you use this tool from USL Software, called “Mail Extractor Max”.

convert emlx to eml

Get it to convert EMLX to EML

Want to check it out now? Get the trial setup file here:

converting emlx to eml

To convert emlx to eml file format, try ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ today.

ost extractor pro



If you have an email account then you know the importance of data it has got stored.  And how sensitive it can be if not handled carefully. Outlook, one of the most widely used Email service provides you with the facility of storing and operating on email related data via the use of files.

Outlook Data Files

Data files used by Outlook are defined as the files that are used for storing and moving all and every type of email data. They are primarily of two types: OST and PST.

OST stands for Offline Storage Table. These files are used by Outlook for automatic storage and downloading of text present in your email account. It is downloaded by default on your system if it is already not present.

The major reason behind developing these types of files is to provide you with an offline alternative to work and manage your email files. All the changes made are synced onto the server once the connection gets reestablished.

The Other type of file is PST. PST stands for Personal Storage File. As the name suggests it is used for manually archiving the data like attachments, images etc as per the user choice. The major advantage that comes with the PST file is that it is compatible with Outlook. It can be directly opened and data can be imported.

So the major problem arises when you have to access OST files for stored data. As OST files cannot be directly opened. Doing so it may result in you damaging the data stored in the file. For this purpose you need a professional tool that will make this daunting procedure easy.

Let’s introduce you the best tool for doing so: OST Extractor Pro.

The OST to PST Converter Tool

OST Extractor Pro is the best OST to PST converter tool out there in the market. And why is it so?

OST Extractor Pro is the all round developed by USL Software that answers you every question and handles your every request regarding OST to PST conversion.

ost extractor pro

If you get down right to business the tool supports the latest algorithm that is one of its kind at its core. It converts every type of OST files ranging from normal to corrupted or even somewhat damaged ones too.

The tool converts each and every byte of data present in the input file while maintaining its integrity. The feature of maintaining the data integrity is one of its exclusive ones. The output file provided is completely error free and maintains the same file hierarchy as that of the input file, making the navigation and debugging of input file that much easier.

For Mac and Windows

This multipurpose tool is available for both Mac and Windows thus providing you with a single option for a single function on two different platforms. Conversion occurs not only from OST into PST but also into Thunderbird and MBOX, depending upon your choice.

The tool has a free trial available for download that almost supports all the premium features the tool has to offer. So that you can become comfortable with the tool before moving on to the premium version.

With an extremely easy to use interface and a high end core. This recommendation charts topper also supports its user with an online helpline service for any queries and problems. So download your trial today and get started.

mbox to pst conversion on microsoft windows

MBOX to PST Conversion on Microsoft Windows or Mac?

MBOX to PST conversion isn’t straightforward.

The MBOX Data File

MBOX, as a data file, is a generic file compatible with many clients and programs, but it is most commonly associated with Mac Mail. But funny enough, MBOX was natively used with Mac Mail with its very first version. After that, Mac Mail started using EMLX files to store email messages, one EMLX file for each email and EMLXPART to store the attachments.

Mac Mail MBOX file

It went under many users’ radar that the file that Mac Mail uses today isn’t standard MBOX files. If you will look inside the Mac Mail database (profile or identity directory), you may find the EMLX files. Open a new window in OS X Finder, select Go à Go to Folder from the menu. Enter “~/Library/Mail/V3” and hit ‘Enter.’

You can find your folders and messages in sub-folders to the V3 folder.

Now, if you will look closely, the files that are present there have .mbox as extensions. But they are file packages, special type folders that you even open and view the contents like any other folders. They are not standard MBOX files.

Nevertheless, MBOX is still more closely related to the Apple Mac OS X environment. And it can be used with Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and other clients easily.

Personal Storage Table (PST file)

On the other hand, PST, short for Personal Storage Table, is a native Windows Outlook file. It’s a proprietary file format from Microsoft that doesn’t come in use with other email clients. Mac Outlook version can still import data from PST file, but it is not a native file. You cannot export, archive, or backup data in PST format, and it cannot be used internally like it can be with Windows Outlook.

So, with such varying nature of both files (MBOX and PST), there lies a huge confusion about how to convert MBOX to PST. And even bigger question, should you convert MBOX to PST conversion on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X environment.

Since both files work in different environments mostly, it’s a difficult question to answer. Where will be the process most efficient and seamless? Most of it depends on how the converter is built by the developers. There aren’t any official conversion utilities from either Microsoft or Apple to convert data, so you have to rely upon third-party solutions.

MBOX to PST Conversion on Microsoft Windows and Mac

If you take a look at most of the conversion utilities, they are Windows based, which gives an assumption that it’s better to go through MBOX to PST conversion on Microsoft Windows rather than on Mac. But it’s a false assumption. And the truth is that with Mac environment comes a lot of benefits while converting these complex files. However, it remains a very hard job to develop correct algorithms to actually convert with stability and safety in Mac.

But the good news is that USL Software has brought a Mac compatible tool called “Mail Extractor Pro” that features many options and powerful conversion logic that isn’t possible with Microsoft Windows compatible tools.

mbox to pst conversion on microsoft

MBOX to PST Conversion On Mac

Mail Extractor Pro” allows non-English text conversion, batch conversion of multiples files at the same time, 100% data integrity preservation, splitting large PST files, and more. All such necessary functionalities are implemented incorrectly with MBOX to PST converter on Microsoft Windows based utilities.

If you want to know more, it’s always good to check it out yourself. You can get the trial version to see and find out more about “Mail Extractor Pro” in detail. The link to download the setup is given below.

Get it here:

mbox to pst conversion on microsoft windows

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mbox to pst

MBOX to PST Converter for Mac – Only Converter That Extracts Data Cleanly!

MBOX to PST Converters for Mac are used when users have to import data stored inside MBOX format into whether Windows or Mac Outlook. Both Outlook versions support PST format, however, OLM is the native for Mac Outlook.

MBOX to PST Converter for Mac

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro.” Developed by USL Software, the tool offers a smart conversion method that any other tool doesn’t. In this post, we will see how it works and what are all the features.

mbox to pst converter

MBOX is a file compatible with Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and other programs. Google also allow users to download their data from Google services like Gmail or Blogger into an MBOX file. Wherever you’ve got your MBOX file from, if you are a Mac or Windows Outlook user, you cannot use the file directly. You have to convert it into PST. And that’s what “Mail Extractor Pro” does the best.

Why ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ to Convert MBOX to PST

The most important reason of why this tool is experts’ most recommended is because of how accurate and thorough it is with the data extraction. In email migration domain, this means that the data integrity will fully preserve and everything will convert with its original metadata, details, and hierarchy.

mbox to pst converter for mac

The most important elements are the most complex to convert. With traditional MBOX to PST converter for Mac, users have often faced nightmarish situation where the output was too different from the input. The images or any graphical objects (like logos, icons, graphs, photos, etc.) could be broken. You might find your folder hierarchy (the arrangement of your folders) disorganized and all of those folders will not be in their original location.

These situations can be really painful for the users. The worst is not noticing these data integrity errors right away. Most of the users often convert MBOX to PST and then delete the MBOX files not realizing that the tool hasn’t converted data with accuracy.

The best MBOX to PST Converter for Mac

Thankfully, this is what “Mail Extractor Pro” has solved with its advanced algorithms. It has dedicated support for converting complex items that enables users to convert everything while keeping the original details preserved. For instance, it has a dedicated logic to convert double-byte characters like that used with Japanese and Korean. It also maps the folder hierarchy correctly.

convert mbox to pst

One more feature that most tools don’t support is batch conversion. If they allow users to convert data in bulk, they would often compromise with the data accuracy and precision. But “Mail Extractor Pro” has special and powerful algorithms that handle large and multiple files with ease.

Get it to Convert MBOX to PST

There’s also free trial version that you can check out right now. It converts ten items per folder and have full access to all other features.

Get it from here:

There’s a full tech support around the clock. That you can take any of your questions or help you regarding any problem you might have.

OLM to MBOX Converter for Mac – Packed with Useful Features, With a Simple UI

OLM to MBOX Converter for Mac

More often than not, most of the third-party email migration tools are missing one or more of the important aspects any software application shouldn’t. The nature of email data extraction is such that it takes a lot of work. And modern-day computing algorithms to put forward the perfect utility for users. Only a few of the developers can manage to pack everything so a user, you, don’t face any frustration from half or partial set of features.

For instance, OLM to MBOX converter for Mac often miss the support for non-English languages, especially Chinese characters because they are encoded with double-byte and are trickier to extract from one format to other. If a developer manages to support that, the tool then might miss support for other components like attachments or images. Many utilities fail to convert data with the same folder hierarchy preserved.

If everything works and the conversion is accurate, the tool might take a lot of time, making it impractical for real-world applications. Who can afford to sit idle for endless hours while a sluggish tool is attempting to convert a single GB of file, especially when the possibility of data corruption is also present.

No wonder OLM to MBOX conversion is one of the most demanding processes, even for IT professionals.

But today, this might change.

If you are tired of all the sloppy utilities that are not developed professionally, or if you are trying to convert OLM to MBOX for the first time but are anxious, the tool mentioned below might just make it as simple as walk in the park for you.

Tool to Convert OLM to MBOX

The tool is called “OLM Extractor Pro” and is developed by the renowned developers at ‘USL Software,’ a well-established source of applications tailored towards both professionals and home users for the job of email conversion/migration.

olm to mbox converter for mac

USL Software has very impressively managed to put together all features with a simple UI into “OLM Extractor Pro,” resulting in an effortless, smooth-flowing job of converting OLM to MBOX. Just follow the wizard with clear instructions, put your trust on the background algorithms that do not ignore or bypass any component (like images, attachments, non-English characters, etc.) and you will be done in just few minutes (depending on the size). The tool in average gives the data-rate as fast as 1GB/10 minutes.

One most precious feature for advanced users is the ability to handle large and multiple OLM files together and to convert them to MBOX under a single attempt. No more fiddling around with one file at a time. This saves considerable amount of time compared to other typical migration utilities.

olm to mbox converter

It can also be used to convert OLM files to Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, and EML file format. “OLM Extractor Pro” is all-in-one migration utility package to get your Mac Outlook data migrated into other Mac based email clients. All conversion features offer the same standard of accuracy as OLM to MBOX conversion.

Get OLM to MBOX Converter for Mac

Download it today. Run it for free on your Mac in a free trial mode before activating it to full version using any one of the commercial licenses that suits your needs (such as household, personal, or corporation).

Get it here:

There’s a tech support 24×7 that is always ready to help you in anyway required. Get your queries, unseen setbacks, or any other problems resolved quickly.

convert olm to mbox

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If you are looking for OLM to MBOX Converter for Mac, then try ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ today.

import ost to outlook

How to Import OST File in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

How To Import OST File In Outlook 2016 / 2011 for Mac and Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 for Windows! Find out the best solution here. It gets the data converted accurately. And you can also try it for free!

How to Import OST File in Outlook 2016 / 2013 – The Method That Will Make You Look Like Pro!

If you are looking to import OST file to Outlook 2016 / Outlook 2013, let’s first get the bad news over with.

You cannot import OST file to Outlook 2013 / 2016. It’s literally impossible. OST file is an internal functional file for Outlook. It is automatically created when you add a new IMAP email account. The data and the changes you make are always in sync with the web-servers of your email account.

Often, users delete original email account but keep a backup copy of OST file. This is a wrong assumption that OST is a typical data file that can later be used to restore data. It cannot be. Outlook doesn’t offer any feature or option to select files with OST format during import, or export.

import ost file in outlook 2013

Way to Import OST file in Outlook

Therefore, if you do have an OST file without linked to its original email account, or if you have an OST file which is inaccessible due to some reason, what you can do is convert OST to PST using a third-party tool.

And that’s the only way you can import OST file in Outlook 2013 / Outlook 2016. Well, actually, that’s the only way to achieve the same effect. By converting OST to PST and then by importing PST, you can get the data imported to Outlook.

PST is a personal storage table file that can be used manually for all sorts of data migration, backup, import/export purposes. The good thing about PST is that it can also be used with Outlook Mac edition along with Outlook 2013 and all other versions in Windows.

But the process of OST to PST conversion can be a nightmare. Since OST wasn’t developed in the first place to manipulate/convert data like this, it is a very difficult job to extract and implement data from OST to PST without losing the details and fidelity. You can expect to lose your images, attachments, headers, metadata, nested emails, and other components during OST to PST conversion.

Best tool to Import OST to Outlook 2016, 2013 etc

But don’t worry. There’s one way you can convert the files without such problems. It’s called “OST Extractor Pro,” which is a Mac and windows compatible software program from USL software that handles the data conversion exceptionally well, thanks to the advanced algorithms and dedicated logic for complex components.

import ost file in outlook

It also features options for flexibility that is otherwise very challenging to get in this process, such as splitting large PST files and so on.

Add to that an incredibly easy to use interface and you get a perfect recipe for a professional standard of email migration. You can easily convert OST to PST and get your data from OST imported to Outlook 2013 (and other versions) effortlessly, even if you have no background technical information on email migration processes.

The tool hosts several dedicated logics especially for elements that are harder to convert. Example: non-English text characters that use double-byte, UTF-8, Unicode, etc. You can also expect to convert data while keeping all the folders and their order/structure fully preserved.

import ost file in outlook 2016

OST Extractor Pro” is mostly used for OST to PST conversion, but it can convert your OST file to other formats too, such as MBOX and EML, Thunderbird, Postbox, and more. That means, you can use the application even if you want the data in OST files to be imported to Mac based email clients.

Import OST to Outlook (Mac & Windows)

Never worry about inaccessible data within OST files. Whatever the case may be, you can now easily convert those files to PST. And in effect, successfully import OST file to Outlook 2013, 2016 etc, including all other popular email clients as well.

Also, these benefits are hard to find with other sources for email migration tools:

  • There’s a support team that is ready to help you in any means necessary, available 24×7
  • Lifetime updates free
  • Several pricing packages allowing you to get the version that fits your needs
  • A free trial version to check the tool out in detail

Download to import OST file in Outlook 2016, 2013 etc

The link given below is a small installer file for OST Extractor Pro. Choose Mac or Windows version, install, and begin converting your email files like a pro!

Get it here:

import ost to outlook

To import OST file in Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013 etc, try OST Extractor Pro today.



USL Software Offers All Their Email Migration Tools at Cost-Effective, Flexible, and Smart Pricing Packages

OST Extractor Pro” hast the best lineup of email migration applications that help users convert their email data efficiently. But more than that, all of their applications are available at some cost-effective and flexible prices.

The pricing packages at which the tools are available are flexible, allowing users to pick the one that fits their needs most effectively. You have to pay for exactly what you need and for the scope of your use.

Most of the pricing packages of USL Software tools are categorized according to the number of computers you need them to be installed at. So, for instance, if you have the files only from few email accounts (mostly home users), the best option for you is to get the “Standard” license that allows you to convert your and your friends/family’s.

Similarly, there’s a small business and enterprises’ level licenses (or packages) that respectively allows you to install the tool on several computers and on an extremely large scale (commercial level).

These pricing options makes it possible to get the solution you need and pay exactly for that, and not a penny more.

All the licenses get you

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Free 24×7 lifetime support

  • Free updates for life

  • Unlimited emails conversion


Usually, the differences lie in number of machines and locations/IPs that you can use the application you bought.

For every email migration app, there’s also a free trial version that is available for you to try out the features and the interfaces without any risk. You can download the setup instantly and start using the tool in its free default trial mode and then activate it to the full version later, any time you want.

Get the tool you need. Download the trial setup and get started now. USL Software has solutions for all your email migration needs.

ost to pst

Convert OST to PST, MBOX, EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird

OST Extractor Pro” – Most Polished and User-friendly tool to convert OST to PST (Mac & WIndows Outlook), Apple Mail Archive, Mozilla Thunderbird and Postbox.

OST Extractor Pro” is a tool that convert OST to PST, MBOX, EML, Apple Mail Archive, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox. Unlike other OST to PST converter, “OST Extractor Pro” has a complete set of features that you need to convert files efficiently without having to compromise with the data accuracy. It’s also the only converter in both Windows and Mac version.

  • Full Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Free Trial Version Available

  • Around the clock Customer support

  • Full Data Accuracy of Converted Files

  • Available in Both Mac and Windows Version

The features and the benefits of going with USL Software are unmatched with any other tool or the provider. With ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ you get the best possible solution to convert your data files (OST to PST) accurately, which is otherwise a time-consuming and daunting process for many.

What are the nature of OST and PST files?

To begin, you need to know what are these files and what do they serve? To put it shortly, these are called data files used to keeping all the data that an email client like Outlook handles. But OST and PST are both different types of data files used by Outlook. The difference is in the first letter of the name itself.


OST refers to an offline storage table. It is primarily implemented for allowing users to access data even offline. Outlook downloads all emails from the servers into an OST file. This is available even offline to access and make changes. All the changes are later synced to the servers using the internet.


PST refers to Personal storage table. It is primarily used for tasks like data migration, backup, import/export, etc. It’s a personal data file, not an integral functional file like OST.

Where does OST to PST Conversion Need Comes from?

If you are looking for an OST to PST converter software, you probably know why you need to convert the files. But for the sake of giving proper introduction, here’s why OST to PST conversion is an essential or the only solution in certain problems relating to data files for Windows Outlook.

The differences (or rather being unaware of the differences) between both files can lead to certain problems with users.

Most users often when leaving a corporation, copy their OST file under the assumption that they can later restore all their personal data from it. However, OST is a format that only works in conjunction with the original email account that created the file in the first place. Without which, the data inside the OST file is stuck and is inaccessible.

You can’t simply import OST file into Windows Outlook like you can to PST.

There are other cases where you can be stuck with an OST file/s without any option to access the data within them. Except converting them to a PST file. Then, you can easily import those PST files back to Windows Outlook, or even to Mac Outlook.

“OST Extractor Pro” is the Only Solution that Works as Expected!

Converting OST to PST isn’t as straightforward as it may sound. It’s nothing like a simple file converter or the renaming of the extension of files. Email files can be rather too complex and the data extraction can turn out to be a nightmare if you don’t have proper tools.

ost to pst converter

That’s why most of the traditional applications have a hard time converting data as a user would expect. They often end up with data fragmentation and a vastly dissimilar data structure than original. This is called the data fidelity loss where the contents, properties, and the hierarchy don’t match the original. This, along with other many issues, the typical OST to PST converter can be very frustrating for both advance users and beginners.

But that’s where “OST Extractor Pro” comes into play. It’s a tool developed by USL Software to make this job as easy as possible without trading off other essential requirements like data accuracy, protection for fidelity, speed, interface, and more.

OST Extractor Pro” developed keeping all the complexities, risks, and users’ demands in mind. It’s the only software that features the full package needed to professionally perform the conversion.

In the section below, we’ll talk about its best features and why you consider it as the top application to converting OST to PST files.

Finest Features that made it the Best Converter today!

Here is a list of the finest features of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ that shows why it is the best converter for this job.

Handles all sorts of OST files

Batch Conversion

The tool can swimmingly operate with multiple OST files at a single time without weakening other performance elements. (Like the data-rate, data integrity, etc).

Large OST files

Along with converting files in bulk, it also conducts the conversion of massive OST files without clashing with other aspects of a data conversion.

Handles from all sources

The tool is fully capable of converting OST files created by any Outlook version (from 97 to 2016 edition), Office 365, and even Exchange servers.

Converts databases in their entirety

It’s no wonder that the traditional and ordinary OST to PST converter have a tough time converting complex elements inside the files. Emails are complex and are getting more composite in their formation every day. Archetypical algorithms often fail to get to all these components without facing data integrity loss. That’s not a problem with “OST Extractor Pro.”

This tool converts everything in its fullness without resorting to partial conversion.

Here’s a list of complex elements that are frequently meshup, but this tool gets it right every time!

  • Headers and metadata (to, from, cc, bcc, subject)
  • Time and date stamps
  • Email attachments
  • Graphical data
  • Nested emails and their structure

Translates Folder Hierarchy Without Discontinuity!

Keeping the folders’ hierarchy/structure is a hard job for any converter. “OST Extractor Pro” has characteristic logic for such informational details to extract and translate without any loss to its originality. Which means, the tool will convert the data from OST to PST files while keeping all folders and their structure exactly as original.

Supports all Languages

Certain languages and their text characters are harder to process during data conversion than a standard ASCII encoding standard (used for English). An example would be – Chinese characters encoded using double-byte (DBCS). “OST Extractor Pro” has exclusively dedicated algorithm for such intricate characters, outputting the result to PST files without missing any words. It performs the cleanest possible conversion of your data within the email bodies regardless of the language that you use to communicate with in your emails.

Confines output PST files to acceptable sizes

A large OST file would result in a large PST file after conversion. If that output sizes gets too big, it can be an unnecessary annoyance in dealing with those PST files, especially during the import process. “OST Extractor Pro” allows users to limit the output size to whatever they think is going to be okay for them. The tool automatically creates/splits the output files into multiple smaller files under the specified limit.

Converts OST to PST Files…and MORE!

The tool’s major feature is to convert OST to PST files. It also allows users to convert emails inside the OST files to other formats such as MBOX, EML and EMLX format. It can be highly valuable in certain situations where PST isn’t the appropriate format. For example, if you have an OST file but not Outlook client, you can convert OST to MBOX to view the email contents instead of converting it to PST.

Fast and interruption-free Conversion

The smart algorithms and a precise framework allows the tool to work with the data smoothly and interruption-free, reducing the overall time required to convert the files to half than the typical time-frame with other tools. This speed makes the job much more productive for both work-based conversion projects and for basic home users. Because who wants to spend unnecessary long hours for something that can complete in a few minutes.

Other Additional Benefits with USL Software

USL Software is known for best customer experiences through their software. It’s not always about the features or about the software itself. But you need to consider the benefits, support, and other services to the users. That ultimately makes an email migration tool, or basically any software service, successful. And with “OST Extractor Pro,” you get all of that.

  • 24×7 customer support
  • Free updates for lifetime

convert ost to pst

Download the Free “OST Extractor Pro” Now and Check it out!

No amount of reading about the features or the reviews or testimonials can ever amount of personally checking out the software application directly.

That’s why USL Software allows a complete version of “OST Extractor Pro” as a free version to download. It only converts ten items per folder, but it still gives access to the complete set of features.

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Get ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ to convert ost to pst, mbox, eml, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and Postbox.

ost to pst converter for mac

OST to PST Converter for Mac from USL Software That Handles Large OST files with Ease!

OST to PST Converter for Mac

Did you just delete your original email account and kept the OST files with you in order to restore data later?

I’m afraid that you cannot import OST files like a typical data files. It’s an internal file for Outlook that works with the original email account that created the file in the first place. The purpose of OST file is very similar to a cached copy of databases, making it possible to let users work with data even offline. OST stands for Offline Storage Table.

So, in short, OST cannot be used for exporting data to other clients, or restoring data in Outlook itself.

But if by mistake, you have saved OST files and they are inaccessible now, there’s way you can still restore the data.

It is by converting OST to PST files. PST is a data file that is built for the purpose of archiving, importing/exporting, and migration.

You cannot import OST to Outlook, but through a third-party converter, you can convert it to PST and then simply import PST to your Windows Outlook. Another good thing about PST format is that it is also compatible with Mac Outlook.

But OST to PST conversion isn’t a simple task, definitely not simple for basic home users who don’t have the budget to buy a custom-built software utility that is usually only for large corporations. Even then, such custom-built tools can be limiting and hard to use.

So, it’s a pretty dire situation for users with OST files. But fear now. This post isn’t about how about difficult it is to get to import OST files to Windows Outlook or how difficult it is to convert them to PST. This post is about simplifying this job for you through one of the best utilities there is.

OST to PST Converter for Mac from USL Software

OST Extractor Pro” is a converter built by USL Software from the inside-out. USL Software abandoned the old extraction algorithms that often return fragmented results. Instead, the developers created dedicated logic for the multifaceted data inside your emails files that will yield output with accuracy. The dense form of element found in these files can be tricky to extract, but the modern algorithms used with this converter would deliver clean conversion without losing any integrity.

OST Extractor Pro is available for both Mac & Windows to convert OST file to Mac & Windows Outlook (PST), Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML file format.

It also has certain other features like splitting large PST files by allowing users to limit size and then the tool will automatically create additional files when necessary. It also has an option to remove folders manually from output. So, for instance, if you don’t want to convert your personal emails, just uncheck all the folders before conversion. This flexibility allows users to convert only the contents that they want to.

OST to PST Converter for Mac (Screenshot)

ost to pst converter for mac

OST to PST Converter for Windows (Screenshot)

ost to pst converter for windows

Download OST to PST Converter for Mac

Download the setup file. Install it by double-clicking and follow the instructions. You can get started in just few minutes.

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