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USL Software

The leading source of the best email migration utilities (for both Mac and Windows) that consistently have been reducing the efforts required for such tasks, and at the same time, offering much more accurate results in data migration.
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Through years of refinement, experience, and expertise at developing email migration utilities, USL Software has reached a point where all of their tools offered the best ways of migrating email data/files in the most optimal way possible. All the solutions available have essentially every feature, quality, option, etc. that you will ever need to transfer data across different clients and platforms conveniently.

USL Software’s focus on every aspect of the software application makes them stand apart from other source of email migration tools. The traditional apps often compromise with one or two features to refine other areas, which in turn, creates a sloppy approach towards sophisticated tasks of migrating email data.

USL Software knows all the ins and outs of email migration and thus often comes up with perfectly refined and polished tools that do not slack in any area, be it user-interface, data accuracy, support, or other functionalities.

They have the best: –


  • Tech support (available 24×7)
  • Most intuitive UIs that even a beginner can use
  • Top level of data accuracy and protect for the data integrity
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the applications

Some most notable general Features in all the tools!

Email migration tasks can quickly turn into a nightmare, if not dealt with professional attitude and if professional tools aren’t used. All the applications you get from USL Software are developed with all the complexities under consideration, resulting in top-graded tools of all time.

Here are some of the features and traits that aren’t possible with other conventional tools:

Easy to use
The tools have intuitive interfaces, thus making it simpler even for a non-experienced user converting email data for the first time. Just go through with the provided wizard and the instructions and you will never have to worry about what to do next. The natural interfaces create a smooth and gentle step-by-step approach that anyone can follow.
Preserve email data items
Emails of today are no longer limited to just text. Every other item attached to them make jobs of ordinary tools a little harder each time. Items such as text formatting, images, cloud-based links, headers, metadata, nested emails, and more are easily converted by the tools from USL Software.
Quick & Fast Performance
The excellent framework of algorithms at the core enables the tools to run extremely fast. Also, the elimination of unnecessary manual steps reduces the amount of time required to convert data.
Batch Conversion for Large Files
Convert large and multiple files up to any limit seamlessly. All tools handle large projects without breaking a sweat, enabling users in a workplace or a large corporation to move even massive databases productively.
Bug free Conversion
Email migration can be complex. And therefore, an incorrect procedure for conversion can lead to errors, bugs, and annoying glitches. Not so much with USL Software, because the tools in a way that gives a smooth performance across any email migration tasks.
License & Free Updates for Life
All email migration tools can be bought through any of the available licenses that are designed for specific needs in different settings. Get the one that suits you the best. You can also download the trial version of the tool you need to help you make up your mind. And USL Software also rolls updates whenever necessary to keep the performance above par for all the tools; all these updates are offered free for the lifetime.
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USL Software has helped thousands of users and corporations to collectively transfer millions of their emails, contacts, and calendar information across different clients and programs. Their vision and years of unique perspective on usually a complex processes of email migration truly shines on every one of their applications. You can always rely upon these tools to convert data easily, quickly, and without worrying about data integrity loss.